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Since 1986, Air Dimensional Design has been the leading designer and manufacturer of decorative inflatable elements. Based in Los Angeles, AirDD®'s innovative inflatable designs and patented products have transformed environments in venues across the US and around the world, including high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the World Cup, and the World Expo. AirDD and its founder Doron Gazit have been honored with prestigious industry awards such as the Event Solutions Event Industry Hall of Fame and the Special Events Gala Award of Excellence.


While studying industrial design in college, Doron Gazit made his living as a street vendor selling twisty balloons. He was playing with the balloons when he realized that the inflated twisty balloon was, in effect, a 3-dimensional line, something he could "draw" with in any 3-dimensional space. This discovery sparked a long and singular career in art, design and innovation with inflatable objects.

Doron's first invention was the Airtubes®, long, colorful air-filled tubes, which took him all over the world. He found himself at the White House, on the Los Angeles Olympics Grounds, in Tokyo, and Dubai.

There were other developments. On a small scale, Doron invented the Windtubes®, 8-foot tubes that inflate with quick hand movements and are sold as toys and promotional items. On a large scale, Doron took the basic elements of "air" and "tube" a step further, and developed the Dancing Inflatables and The Fly Guys®. The Fly Guys debuted in the 1996 Olympic Closing Ceremony as 60-foot humanoid figures that appeared to dance. AirDD holds the patent for this invention.

Today, Doron works with a talented team of designers at Air Dimensional Design to develop and enhance new and exciting products and designs, such as the signature line of Hi-Lights™ and the new Stand-Out!™ Systems.

Looking at the company's history, the next big thing for AirDD will be written in the wind.


Doron Gazit and AirDD® honored with a five-page cover story by The Simthsonian Magazine.


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