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Washington Monument Reopening Ceremony

AirDD had the honor of being a part of the reopening ceremony of the Washington Monument. Here is the Associated Press‘s coverage of the event.
A big thank you to Robert Lunsk for inviting us to be a part of this event.

Dancing at the Hammer Museum

A clip from Terry Riley: IN C, a performance installation by The Industry from this past weekend at the Hammer Museum. Directed by Yuval Sharon, this opera featuring AirDD’s dancing inflatables exhibits for one more weekend from 1-5 pm on Saturday, April 12th. Free performance, no tickets required.

Upcoming Hammer Museum Exhibit

Director Yuval Sharon and AirDD founder and creator Doron Gazit are collaborating together in Terry Riley‘s upcoming one-of-a-kind performance art installation at the Hammer Museum. 

Exhibiting Saturday, April 5 & 12. Free, no tickets required.

AirDD at the Parachute Market !

Our Hi-Lights and Stand-Out! Stands were featured at the Parachute Market exhibit in Downtown Los Angeles. You can get a quick glimpse of our Stands in two variations of the U shape formation.

Superbowl Halftime Show

Beyoncé’s “hair” special effect that deployed from the Super Bowl half-time show stage was produced by AirDD. View this video to see all the steps it took to make such a massive fabric flutter across the football field.