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Many Thanks to the Fabrik Expo!

It was the great art and artists that made really made Fabrik’s Expo glow this past weekend, but AirDD’s Hi-Lights helped make quite the transformation of this industrial space.

Many thanks to Fabrik for inviting us to participate!

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AirDD Hi-lights at Fabrik Expo


A Walk Through of AirDD at Grand Park’s 2015 New Years Eve Celebration

AirDD was asked to help decorate downtown LA near City Hall for the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration, NYELA.

Travel through the evening with us…

The usually busy 1st Street was blocked for traffic. AirDD decorated its trees with spheres, colorfully lit from within, referencing holiday décor with a whimsical twist. For this 4 blocks long stretch we needed 50 spheres in different sizes and we had only 8 hours to do it!

IMG_0786    IMG_0778_resize

At the bottom of 1st, near City Hall, we added a row of Wicks in blue and pink.

NYE Wicks Grand park

This year, for the first time, NYELA incorporated The Music Center, and AirDD was asked to design a visual that will invite people to The Music Center Plaza. We decked both sides of the crossway connecting Grand Park and The Music Center steps with white tusks. We had just one hour to set this up! This was a great spot from which to view the spectacular  video mapping projections on City Hall Building. Many couldn’t resist touching (or hugging!) the soft bright tusks, while others posed for pictures between them.

IMG_0822  IMG_8346Grand Park Husks

Many thanks to Julia Diamond, The Music Center Program Director, and her amazing crew.

Happy New Year!

A Walk-Through of AirDD at the LA Auto Show

AirDD was asked to create the look for the LA Auto Show VIP Party in a tented outdoor space at the back of the LA Convention Center.  Since the path to the party tent was quite complicated, AirDD had to make the way to the tent easily navigable and create a fun experience for the guests while on their way.

Follow us through to the party!

From the main entry of the Convention Center, AirDD marked a small entry leading to a floor below. AirDD positioned Hi-Lights™ on a Stand Out™ unit, so they could be seen from afar.  Together with a colorful “Hydra Tree”, we created a fun attention-grabber to draw the guests in the right direction.

AirDD - LA Auto Show - VIP party

Upon landing the guests could see the next gateway directing them onward. This was 2 rows of Longhorn Hi-Lights, each 12’ tall, lit in different colors, providing drama and atmosphere leading to the exciting event.

AirDD LA Auto Show Long Horns

The canopy of horn-shaped designs led the guests to an outdoor space within an urban setting. To draw the eyes away from the ugly walls, AirDD scattered cones in different bright colors. At first glance, the cones looked like a forest of lights, but upon closer look, they created a pathway leading to the party tent.

AirDD LA Auto Show Cones    - LA Auto Show - VIP party 11-14  em_54

AirDD decorated the tent with large pastel lit Lilias for a magical look.

- LA Auto Show - VIP party 11-14  em_71    - LA Auto Show - VIP party 11-14  em_61

And there you have it! Many thanks to Denise Ronayne, Director of Sales & Operations, and her amazing crew. For more information on the LA Auto Show, visit

Doron Gazit’s “Burnt Tree” at the LA Art Show

If you’re in the mood for some fine art, Friday, January 29th from 7pm-9pm, come visit a public art exhibition produced by the Do Art Foundation in partnership the LA Art Show at the LA Convention Center West Hall Entrance Plaza. AirDD’s founder Doron Gazit will be unveiling of his new environmental art piece, “Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line.”



Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line – Drawing the Line is intended as a warning, as a metaphor for the arteries of life, and a call to awareness. This artwork calls attention to the repetitive drought conditions in California that will certainly result in a dramatically changed landscape in the cities. This installation features actual branches burnt in forest fires in the Los Angeles vicinity. (Read more at


The Do Art Foundation is “a nonprofit public art foundation focused on the creation, commissioning, and curating of artistic pieces and productions in the public realm.” (read more about Do Art at