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An Interstellar Event for An Interstellar Cause

The Mending Kids “Wings Around the Galaxy” was astronomically out of this world thanks to Natalie McAdams, NAMEvents‘ Executive Producer. The gala event took place in The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, which was transformed into a surreal intergalactic sky of alien forms.
Mending Kids International is a non-profit organization that provides free life-changing surgeries to children worldwide. For more information or to donate, check out: http://www.mendingkids.org/index.php



SHARE, Inc.’s Annual Gala

This year, SHARE’s annual gala was held at the new ballroom at the Skirball Cultural Center. AirDD’s Stars were set on shapely stands and scattered throughout the museum’s new ballroom, which complemented the suspended stars overhead and the star light projections on the walls. All beautifully orchestrated by the legendary art director, Rene Lagler.

We were very happy to work with SHARE, as they raise money and organize programs to improve lives of children with special needs. Check out their website to find ways to support their cause: http://www.share4children.org/index.htm

- Share show  at Skirball Center  em_16 WATERMARKED - Share show  at Skirball Center  em_18 WATERMARKED - Stand Out D with Stars - Skirball Center  em_10 - WATERMARKED