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Back to School at Azusa Pacific University!

A cloud of Red Stars burst across Azusa Pacific University’s campus to help welcome students from summer vacation.

The brightness of the fabric in contrast to the deep blue sky and the black of the tablecloths immediately charges the environment with energy and creates a festive atmosphere. This bold statement brings attention to the collegiate colors of APU, instilling a sense of pride and excitement for the upcoming year.

 IMAG2591 IMAG2623 IMAG2620 IMAG2617 IMAG2596

Washington Monument Reopening Ceremony

AirDD had the honor of being a part of the reopening ceremony of the Washington Monument. Here is the Associated Press‘s coverage of the event.
A big thank you to Robert Lunsk for inviting us to be a part of this event.

SHARE, Inc.’s Annual Gala

This year, SHARE’s annual gala was held at the new ballroom at the Skirball Cultural Center. AirDD’s Stars were set on shapely stands and scattered throughout the museum’s new ballroom, which complemented the suspended stars overhead and the star light projections on the walls. All beautifully orchestrated by the legendary art director, Rene Lagler.

We were very happy to work with SHARE, as they raise money and organize programs to improve lives of children with special needs. Check out their website to find ways to support their cause: http://www.share4children.org/index.htm

- Share show  at Skirball Center  em_16 WATERMARKED - Share show  at Skirball Center  em_18 WATERMARKED - Stand Out D with Stars - Skirball Center  em_10 - WATERMARKED


You don’t have to go to space to see an asteroid belt. Create your own with for your next out-of-this-world event using AirDD’s Asteroid Hi-Lights™ along with a Stand-Out!™ Stand. Don’t reach for the stars. Reach for galaxies!

Air Dimensional Design_Stand Out Hanging Systems Reach Up and Over