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Color Coded Corporate Events

Large corporate events that take place in one large venue need a clear and simple solution to designate space and create movement between each area.

A great solution to create a distinct space within a space is to use colored Hi-Lights™. They serve a double function: they not only create an aesthetically pleasing sign that differentiates the various areas, but they also create ambiance to set the tone of the area while providing light. At the Burbank Leadership Event produced by Laura Lopez, sponsors Warner Brothers and Jet Blue indicated their areas by respectively using red and blue lit shapes.

Cream of the Crop produced a corporate event at the Gaylord National Convention Center in Washington DC and differentiated each area by using colored, suspended Spheres. To create bold colors that were clearly seen by day, the client chose to make the spheres with colored fabric. Complimentary furniture in matching colors further distinguished the areas.
Memorable, remarkable, and a great visual cue.