Cosmic Elements

Take a journey through the spacious sky by adding these cosmic elements to your next event.

These beautiful, explosive shapes are perfect for festivals or live performances. A great way to brighten up corporate events, grand openings, and concerts.

The Sun design is typically used in themed events, such as events celebrating our earth or promoting solar power.

  • Hang as a single design element in a tent or a high ceiling ballroom
  • Easy-to-set-up
  • Use as an accent with other Hi-Light elements
  • Available with internal LED lighting
  • Great for light projection


Size 7.5   suspended or on a Stand-Out™. Available in white or bright color combinations, Asteroid Hi-Lights™ can be used for both night and daytime events.


Size 7.5 ft. Suspended or on a Stand-Out™. The Sun Hi-Light brings warmth to day and night events. Available in white or yellow.


Size 7, 14 ft. Suspended or on a Stand-Out™. Whether in white or color, the Spring is a playful design that brings fun to any atmosphere.


Size 7 ft.   suspended or on a Stand-Out™ Create a flurry of snow with these giant Snowflake Hi-Lights™. The perfect element to create a Winter Wonderland.

Inspiration for Cosmic Elements

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Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes and sizes.

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