Organic Elements

Whimsical, mysterious, and elegant, these organic shapes will add a dramatic effect to any setting. The sculptural and intriguing shapes of these organic element that attract attention in any large space. They're dramatic shapes are perfect on stage or in large spaces and atriums as a single element or with other Hi-Light pieces. Great in white or colors. Add LED lighting to create a unique chandelier effect. Motion option available.


Size 4.5'H x 8'W Suspended. The Hydra’s flat surface makes it easy to rig from a ceiling or on a truss.

Lilia Pod

Size: 9' High , ground supported internally lit from within


Size 6, 9 ft. Suspended. For a modern ambiance, light in cool blues or whites. For a tropical look, light with warm reds and oranges.

Giant Medusa

Size 10.5'H x 20'W Suspended. Large, abstract, and sculptural, the Giant Medusa creates a dramatic effect, enough to stand alone as the centerpiece of an event.


Size 11 ft. tall Suspended (can work with the taller Stand-Out configurations). Eleven feet long in length and cutting-edge in design, it compliments environments that are minimal and surreal.

Hydra Tree

Size 9, 13 ft. / 8 ft. Standing. The 13-foot Hydra Tree makes for a big impact statement while only taking up 30 inches in diameter of floor space.

Wild Cactus

Size 13’H x 9’W Standing. Lit from within in white or any other color or color sequence, it can be whimsical, mysterious, funky or elegant.

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Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes and sizes.

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