Under the Sea

These dreamy underwater shapes take guests to a place of fantasy. Color them in any array of wild colors to create your next fiesta or whimsical Dr. Seuss landscape. Try in white for a more ceremonious look, perhaps to resemble an art-deco column. Set on stage or a large raw space at any social or corporate event.


Comes in 3' and 5'. Jellyfish are taking over! These beauties are mesmerizing, so be careful not to get stung. (Just kidding these jellies don't sting)


Size 5'. Our new starfish are ready to join your seascape event. Pair these with some jellies and seaweed and you're ready to explore an underwater world!


Size 10'H x 10'D Standing. A statement element on any event floor, the Seaweed is a big and bold design that requires some space.


Size 12.5'H X 8'W Standing. Additional external lighting required for a fully lit image. Works great with Seaweed and Hydra to create an underwater world.


Size 9, 13 ft.   suspended or on a Stand-Out™. This wavy shape can transform into a sprout, a weed, or a flame.

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Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes and sizes.

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