Walls and Arches

These lightweight structures allows you greater flexibility when designing your space and makes them cost efficient when shipping. A sensible solution to create temporary booths, space dividers, backdrop walls, stage backdrops and more. Standard poles required for stability.

They can stand alone as singular units or be mixed and matched. Connect them together with connecting tabs to create longer walls and structures. A creative way to dividing large spaces, such as a conference room, ballroom, or an exhibit booth.

Great for projections and branded messages.

Use with external LED paddles to light. Available for rent


Size 8’H x 10’W, 10” thick. Air-Walls are a free-standing modular system that can be used as a backdrop or a space divider.

Curved Air-Walls™

Size Max stretch: 12 ft., Internal depth: 2.5 ft. to 4.5 ft. Thickness: 10 in. Attach to other Air-Walls.


Size 12’H, 6’ deep on top. Longhorns shoot straight up from a 30” base and curve 6’ deep on the top.


Size 10’H x 18’W,  30” base. With an entrance space of 13 feet. Arches are a great addition for any entrance way to welcome guests.

Longhorn Arch or Cove

Put several Longhorns together to create an arch or an enclosure.

Spiral Wall

Size 37'L x 6-9'H  wall, spiral, booth, inflatable, lit, lighting, AirDD, modular, backdrop, free standing, temporary, divider. It gently ascends from 6 feet to 9 feet from end to end.

Spiral Booth

Size 6-9'H   Take our Spiral Wall and gently curl the ends to create a booth for a fun photo opp or a private, enclosed space.

Fringe Wall

This stylized wall is great as a space divider or as a backdrop.  Put two together to create a unique entrance for guests to walk through.

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Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes and sizes.

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