It’s been an electrifying summer for us here at AirDD! From graduations to awards shows, we’ve been lighting up a variety of events and celebrations, but there was one that defined our summer, and that’s SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean.

Orlando’s premier oceanarium set out to make the summer of 2017 bigger and brighter than ever with Electric Ocean. This immersive event made nighttime the right time and transformed the park “into an imaginative and immersive undersea world that glows, entertains and excites.”  Closing September 3, the spectacle of bright lights featured a variety of AirDD inflatables to bring Electric Ocean to life.  

Below, we share the experience of creating a neon ocean of splendor with the incredible team at SeaWorld Orlando.

Under the Sea Collection

This year, we added to our whimsical Under the Sea Collection with some of our favorite ocean animals: jellyfish and starfish.

The mesmerizing, multicolor Jellyfish (available in 3’ and 5’) lit up the Bayside Pathway, waving at passersby. During the day, their iridescent tentacles twinkled in the sun, and when night fell, they turned the sky into a multicolor ocean. The 5’ starfish brightened up the Sea Lions’ lair, where they hung suspended for all to see.

Bringing In Organic Elements

In order to up the wow-factor of some of SeaWorld Orlando’s most exciting exhibits, AirDD tapped our Organic Elementscollection.  The inflatables in this group are whimsical, mysterious, and elegant, and will add a dramatic effect to any setting.

Our Giant Medusa hung out of the rooftop of the Dojo along the Bayside Pathway, greeting visitors with a whim of fancy.  Six-foot Lilias and Agaves hung in the trees for an eye-catching experience.

The Giant Medusa, Agave, Lilias and Hydras also hung out front and center of the Wild Arctic exhibit, while Lilias jazzed up the Gift Shop.

Spheres and Springs

Sometimes, things don’t have to be complicated to be awesome. Case in point: AirDD Spheres and Springs.

AirDD Spheres, featured at SeaWorld Orlando’s Nautilus in 3’ and 5’ ft, are also available is 8, 10 and 15 ft. A classic shape that fits any event style, from elegant to festive or contemporary to hip, makes the spheres flexible and fun event design feature.

Springs, an essential element of our Cosmic Elements collection, are available in 7’ and 14’. At SeaWorld Orlando, these bouncy beauties hung out with sharks – but stayed safe hanging from the trees overhead.

Keeping the Electricity Alive

Though Electric Ocean technically ends on September 3, this amazing summer spectacular will remain in our hearts and memories for years to come. AirDD was lucky enough to be an integral part in transforming the appearance of SeaWorld Orlando for this spectacular event, and we can’t wait to bring our ocean elements to the next above-ground event or celebration.

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