There are few television shows—let alone cartoons—that have lasted as long as The Simpson’s. What’s even more incredible is that this groundbreaking comedy has managed to stay relevant to generation after generation, delivering laughs to viewers of every age. They recently celebrated their landmark 30th Anniversary, which is practically unheard of in Hollywood. In order to commemorate this milestone event, the Russell Harris Event Group planned a blockbuster party at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 24, 2017. Held in Springfield, the mythical “Anytown USA” home to The Simpson’s, the party was aptly branded to match everyone’s favorite yellow family. The RH Event Group team reached out to AirDD looking for the perfect customized elements for The Simpson’s soiree. We suggested our classic Sphere, suspended by the Stand-Out® stands for inflatables, with customized Simpson’s decals. Check out the finished product:

Our spheres, available 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 feet, can either rest on the ground on stand (3, 5 and 8 ft only), hang suspended from the ceiling, or as was the case at The Simpson’s party, they can hang suspended from our Stand-Out® system. The Stand-Out® allows for one or more Hi-Lights™ to hang from one stand. Add, extend, or twist branches to create a unique design. All pipes on the Stand-Out® come dressed in black fabric with internal power cords, so there are no unsightly wires hanging out at your beautiful event. The blower is connected at the base, which has sufficient space for sandbags to keep your inflatables in place and your guests safe. A black skirt covers the blower and sandbags at the base. The Simpson’s Spheres were completely custom to them, thanks to branded decals, bearing their anniversary years of 1987 and 2017, and their iconic logo. Thank you to the Russell Harris Event Group, Universal Studio’s Hollywood and The Simpson’s for allowing us to be a part of your milestone event. Interested in custom designs for your next event? Call us at 800.680.8865!