Custom Designed inflatables 


Branding Concepts

Our inflatables can also double as inflatable signage for advertising. AirDD offers many branding options with logos and custom messages for sponsorships, promotions, and brand enhancements.

 Branding on Hi-Lights™

Renting Hi-Lights™ offers you the option to brand with temporary decals. Purchasing them gives you the option to interchange decals to fit your marketing needs.

Branding with Projections

Hi-Lights, especially Spheres and Air-Walls™, are the perfect surface to project logos, messages, videos, or abstract designs. Hi-Light projections have been used in high-profile events, such as celebrity award shows.

Permanent Print on PVC Spheres:

Print digitally in any amount of colors a logo or message, or print on the entire surface. This option is also available on any shape or vinyl cold air inflatables.

Custom Print and Branding on Airtubes®:

Airtubes typically cover a lot of ground. Use decals or custom print on Airtubes to target many people across large spaces, through exhibit halls and around fair grounds.

Branding on Windtubes:

Windtubes® offer an 8 foot long, noticeable advertising surface to imprint company logos. Great as promotional gifts or fundraising tools at corporate functions, community events, or political rallies.

Inspiration for Custom Designs