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Hi-Lights are large fabric shapes that contain a fan and an internal light. The fan blows them up and keeps them inflated while the light makes them glow. Although primarily used for décor and lighting in the evenings, Hi-Lights can also be used as a decorative element during the day. They can be set up in many different ways: standing, suspended, or hung on a Stand-Out!™ System. They can also be branded with logos and messages. With care, they can be used indoors or outdoors for an extended amount of time.

AirDD offers Hi-Lights for purchase or rent. You can install them yourselves or hire our expert design and installation team.

A standing Hi-Light includes a sturdy, lightweight base that contains a sound-insulated blower and lights. The standard base is 30” in diameter and comes with 4 internal light sockets. Set up is in a matter of minutes! Set the base, screw in the bulbs, attach the fabricenvelope with Velcro, and plug in!

A suspended Hi-Light can be rigged to any overhead fixture or an AirDD®’s Stand-Out!™ System. It comes with an internal fan, internal lights, and a rigging cord. Suspended Hi-Light are great for shipping as they are compact and weigh 5 lbs. on average. Suspended Hi-Lights come with either a compact fluorescent light or LED lights. LED lights are remote controlled or DMX compatible.

Some event planners are known to pack suspended Hi-Lights into a suitcase, which is all they need to magically transform a large event space.

Stand-Out systems are made of pipes and connectors that are lightweight and easy to ship. Each configuration comes with an illustrated PDF instruction sheet.

The connectors and pipes can be twisted and turned on site as needed. All elements are dressed in black fabric that can be easily adjusted with Velcro. Each Stand-Out!™ requires sandbags for stability and safety. Minimum weight is 150 pounds; additional weight may be required. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the sand weight that is needed under the specific conditions on site.

Standard Hi-Light fabric is white for maximum versatility and best glow effect. You can color Hi-Lights from within in the following ways:

Gel: We can gel the bulbs to a color of your choosing.
LED lights: Specially designed for AirDD for the Suspended Hi-Lights. Omnidirectional, RPG, remote-controlled and DMX compatible. Options for standing Hi-Lights also available.
Fabric: “Color” Hi-Lights by adding a second layer of fabric to the Hi-Light (available for some designs only) or order them in a color of your choosing. Recommended for day use and available in the following flame retardant fabric colors: yellow, orange, red, green, purple, royal blue, gray, and black.

Yes! You can “Dress to Impress” most Hi-Lights with your choice of a second layer of custom fabric. Bring us the fabric, and we will sew on the dressing. This option enables you to coordinate lighting with other linens used at the event.

Create a “jellyfish” effect or a trail of star dust by adding a loose second layer of fabric over a suspended sphere. Choose sheer fabric to let them glow from within or try with external lights.

Most suspended Hi-Lights require 1 amp of power (0.5 amp each for the fan and lamp). Most standing Hi-Lights require up to 3 amps total for the fan and lamp.

Airtubes require anywhere fro 1.5 to 2.5 amps of power depending on the size of the installation. One Airtube blower is enough to inflate approximately 1000 feet of Airtube.

Energy efficient: Most Hi-Lights use either compact fluorescent or LED bulbs and only require 1-3 amps of power.
Minimal carbon emission: Because they are lightweight and compact, Hi-Lights leave a minimal carbon footprint during shipping.
Reusable: Hi-Lights can be used over and over again. With reasonable care, it may take years before a Hi-Light is ready to “retire.”

Hi-Lights are machine washable.

To wash:

Detach the Hi-Light fabric from the fan.
Spray soiled area with pre-wash remover, such as “Simple Green.”
Wash one Hi-Light per machine/
Use non-chlorine bleach.
Set the cycle to gentle cycle on cold with minimal rinsing and one load larger than it actually is (i.e. small load should be set to medium load).
To dry:

Do not machine dry.
Line dry only.
To complete the drying process, inflate and let air dry when damp.
*Please Note: As with all fabric, some stains cannot be removed and some dirt may dye the fabric. If that is the case, maybe it is time to replace the Hi-Light with a new one

Hi-Lights and Airtubes can stay in place for months. Their respective fan/blower needs to remain connected to the power source without interruption. Longevity will vary due to circumstance, such as weather conditions.

Hi-Lights and Airtubes are flame retardant to event industry standards. Certificates are available upon request.

Hi-Light inflatables are offered for rent in the contiguous USA. Rental rates are for one-day events and include an additional day before and day after for event setup, take down, and shipping. We do not charge rental fees for transit time. Shipping is extra.

Long term rentals are available as well.

AirDD products are offered for sale worldwide. Most products come with a one-year guarantee (some limitations apply).

AirDD provides turn-key installation services that include site-specific design, installation, and take down. For larger installations, AirDD can send team leaders who work with local riggers provided by the client. We also works with on-site technical personnel to meet all safety requirements and any site specific architectural limitations. It is possible to hire AirDD personnel for installation only. We will work with you to meet your specific needs.

Yes, just submit your detailed renderings, and we can create your custom Hi-Light in house. Custom cold air inflatables and product replicas are manufactured abroad. Allow at least three weeks to receive your custom shape in time.

AirDD sells its products worldwide and sends installation teams as well. We can make the necessary adjustments required to meet your local power systems. Payments are accepted through wire transfer.

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Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes and sizes.

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