How It Works



Rental rates are for one-day events and include an additional day before and day after for event setup, take down, and shipping. We do not charge rental fees for transit time. Shipping is extra.



AirDD products are offered for sale worldwide. Most products come with a one-year guarantee (some limitations apply). AirDD sells its products worldwide and sends installation teams as well.



AirDD provides turn-key installation services that include site-specific design, installation, and take down. For larger installations, AirDD can send team leaders who work with local riggers provided by the client.



AirDD makes custom designs as well! Just submit your detailed renderings, and we can create your custom Hi-Light in house. Allow at least three weeks to receive your custom shape in time.

How Do Rentals Work?


Receive Your Order by Mail

Call us today to place your order. We will help you with any specific needs you have.


Transform Your Event Space

Hire an installation team or follow the simple instructional guide that is including in your delivery!


Return Order by Mail

Safely return your rental in the pre-stamped package sent to you. It's simple!



We can provide an installation team, or also work with on-site technical personnel to meet all safety requirements and any site specific architectural limitations. It is possible to hire AirDD personnel for installation only.



AirDD sells its products worldwide and sends installation teams as well. We can make the necessary adjustments required to meet your local power systems. Payments are accepted through wire transfer.

Branding & Customizations

Branding on Hi-Lights™

Renting Hi-Lights™ offers you the option to brand with temporary decals. Purchasing them gives you the option to interchange decals to fit your marketing needs.

Branding with Projections

Hi-Lights, especially Spheres and Air-Walls™, are the perfect surface to project logos, messages, videos, or abstract designs. Hi-Light projections have been used in high-profile events, such as celebrity award shows.

Permanent Print on PVC Spheres

Print digitally in any amount of colors a logo or message, or print on the entire surface. This option is also available on any shape or vinyl cold air inflatables.