AirDucts™- Temporary Ducts

An affordable solution for cooling/heating temporary structures product replicas, AirDucts™ are used by the leading event A/C companies in the US for tours and events. You can also find AirDucts in use in large quantities with volunteer crews in the aftermath of disasters.

AirDucts have been used at several Olympic Game Hospitality Villages all around the globe.

Made of durable, high-strength, low density PE, AirDuct can be used for both heating and cooling.

✓ Affordable

✓ Lightweight

✓ Easy to install

✓ Use once or reuse

✓ One-time use eliminates costs and hassle of storage and shipping


✓ No mold problems; no cleaning issues

✓ Fire retardant to code

✓ Standard sizes are in stock and ready to ship

✓ Order custom sizes to meet specific cooling or heating needs

✓ Customize them with colors and logo imprints to make AirDuct functional, decorative, and promotional at the same time

 Inspiration for AirDucts™