Hi-Lights™ are the ideal solution to transform a space and create an environment. Hi-Lights double as light and décor and come in many shapes, giving event planners and art directors a tool to bring to life their vision for any theme or style. Press on the subcategories under Hi-Lights to see the many unique shapes and designs. Find inspiration at the Idea Gallery and News Blog.

Hi-Lights are earth friendly! They require minimum power (1-3 amps on average) to use. When shipping, they leave a minimal carbon footprint because they are lightweight and compact.

There are many different types of Hi-Lights (Standing, Suspended) and different ways to set them up (check out the Stand-Out!™ Systems). All provide for easy and affordable setups to meet almost any budget and time constraints.

All Hi-Lights are made with flame retardant fabric to industry standards.