Cones, Columns & Tusks


Cones, Columns & Tusks

Add a dramatic, unforgettable entrance to you next event using cones, columns, tusks, or hourglasses. Columns, cones, tusks, hourglasses, and longhorns are a classic design used to add drama to an entrance or path, highlight an area, or mark an event perimeter. They can also function as decorative room partitions.

Wicks provide an elegant shape in a contemporary setting or can stand in for a Christmas tree or whimsical candle.

✓ Easy-to-set-up

✓ Great for branding and customized messages/logos

✓ Remote-controlled RGB LED internal lighting, add, dim, or change colors

✓ Great for a bar or lounge, a product exhibit, or a display booth

Inspiration for Cones, Columns & Tusks